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White Sparring Headgear with Face Shield

White Sparring Headgear with Face Shield

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White Sparring Headgear with Face Shield: Elevate Your Training Game

Immerse yourself in the martial arts world, equipped with our top-of-the-line White Sparring Headgear with Face Shield. Engineered for modern samurais, this headgear merges both premium protection and ultimate comfort, ensuring that you can focus solely on mastering your craft.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Pro Protection: High-quality PU leather construction guarantees superior impact resistance, giving you the peace of mind to spar with full intensity.
  • Lightweight Helmet: The headgear is designed to be lightweight for unrestricted head movement, allowing you to dodge and execute counter-attacks effortlessly.
  • Comfort to Breathe Freely: Our innovative ventilation system ensures you can breathe easily during your sparring sessions, providing comfort along with safety.
  • Ear Protection: Thoughtfully designed ear padding protects your ears while ensuring you can hear your surroundings, maintaining your situational awareness.
  • Wide Vision and Head Movement: The face shield is designed for maximum visibility, enabling you to anticipate and react swiftly to your opponent’s moves.

Size Guide:

  • Small (S): 47-52 cm (18.5-20.4 inches)
  • Medium (M): 52-57 cm (20.4-22.4 inches)
  • Large (L): 57-62 cm (22.4-24.4 inches)
  • Extra Large (XL): 62-67 cm (24.4-26.3 inches)

Make sure to measure your head circumference to find the perfect fit that provides both comfort and utmost protection.

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