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Luxury Crystal Edo Japanese Hanyu Whisky Glass 6oz

Luxury Crystal Edo Japanese Hanyu Whisky Glass 6oz

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1. Japanese Professional Crystal Whiskey Tasting Bowl Glass

2. Beautiful Light And Shadow Effect Under Light Source

3. Unique Shape, Locking The Aroma Of Wine. The Best Tasting Cup

4. Apply To Whisky, XO, Brandy, Red Wine, Martini And So On

5. Exquisite Wooden Gift Box Packaging

6. It's The Best Choice As A Gift For Dad, Elders, friends



Material: Crystal Glass

Color: As Shown In The Picture

Capacity: 170ml


Packaging Includes:

1 Pcs Crystal Glass (Exquisite Wooden Gift Box Packaging )


Gently move the cup corner,The cup will Spin, Light is introduced into glass edges,Refraction of ordered light and shadow.



This whisky glass, with an open mouth, makes the whisky flake into the mouth.

Let the aroma of whisky more prominent.

Let the whisky touch your lips and release the multi-level taste instantly.


Handmade / Very difficult Manufacturing process.

Exquisite wooden gift box packaging



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