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Lan Series Damascus Steel Olive Wood Handle Knife Set 8 Pcs

Lan Series Damascus Steel Olive Wood Handle Knife Set 8 Pcs

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Knife Set

8Pcs Damascus Knife Set Includes:

1x Paring Knife 92mm (3.5")

1x Utility Knife 130mm (5")

1x Santoku Knife 180mm (7")

1x Bread Knife 212mm (8.5")

1x Gyuto Chef Knife 212mm (8.5mm)

1x Sharpener Rod 228mm (8.9")

1x Kitchen scissors 207mm (8.1")

1x Wood Knife Holder 15.5cm x 13cm x 10cm


  • Perfectly Balanced Japanese Knife
  • Unique Damascus Pattern
  • Cheapest Price for a REAL Damascus Steel
  • Super Anti-rust
  • Sharp as a razor. Ready to use.
  • Handmade Knife (Created by our Blacksmith, Steve Cheng)
  • Luxurious Packaging, ready to be gifted.
  • Eco-Friendly


Blade material: 73-layer Powder Steel Core Damascus Steel

Handle type / Material: High quality Olive Wood + Premium Copper Flower Nails

Net weight: 110g

Hardness (HRC scale): 63 HRC

Edge angle: 15°±1 per side

Blade angle: >45°

Certifications: CE / EU / EEC / SGS

Sharpness level / Cutting force: 6.0-8.0 N international standards.

Blacksmith: Steve Cheng

XINZUO Lan Series 8PCS Damascus Steel Knife Set

Product :  3.5 inches paring knife   

                  5 inches utility knife 

                  7 inches santoku knife

                  8.5 inches bread knife

                  8.5 inches chef knife

                  Sharpener rod

                  Kitchen scissors

                  Knife holder

Blade Material: 73-layer powder steel core Damascus steel

Sharpener Rod Material: High carbon steel with diamond + olive wood handle

Kitchen Scissors Material: 3Cr14 Stainless Steel

Knife Holder Material:Acacia wood

Handle Material: High quality olive wood + copper flower nails

Core Hardness : 62-64 HRC

Angle of the Edge: 15°±1 per side

Bread Knife Edge Method: 30°Edge By Gear Machine

Surface Process: Polishing processing, High-end appearance

Characteristics :Sharp and durable, Super anti rust, Light energy

Sharpness level : The level of cutting force: 6.0-8.0 N international standards.

Packing: Exquisite handmade box packaging.

Designer:XINZUO KNIFE & Steve Cheng

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