How Kenshi Crew was created ?

The story begins with Kenshi Sama, a samurai exiled after a failed coup attempt. Kenshi Sama embarks on a long journey to become stronger, to gather the most powerful horsemen to free the country from the hands of the bloodthirsty emperor.
During his search for allies, Kenshi Sama fought many different creatures and demons. By killing the most ferocious entities, he could steal their power by sealing their souls in a scroll...

As time went by, more and more mercenaries were recruited, convinced by the fight he was leading. Kenshi Sama was able to refine his technique for sealing the souls of creatures, he could control their power, combine them and of course transmit them.

The most valiant and faithful riders have received a power that Kenshi Sama has passed on to them. Sealed in an embroidery and offered by the samurai leader so that the pure-hearted warriors could use the powers in the fight to liberate the country.

The tradition has been passed down through the ages and now the Kenshi Crew is no longer made up of samurai riders, but of free bikers travelling on motorbikes to discover new lands and hunt dangerous demons.