What is Omamori?

What is Omamori?

"Omamori" is a traditional Japanese amulet or charm that is believed to provide various forms of protection or luck to the owner.

The word "omamori" can be translated as "to guide" or "to protect." These amulets are typically made of cloth and are enclosed in a small bag, often stitched with decorative patterns or symbols.

Omamori can be purchased at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples throughout Japan. They are intended to be carried or hung in various places such as bags, keychains, or cars, to bring good fortune, ward off evil spirits, or provide specific blessings depending on the type of omamori.

There are different types of omamori available, each associated with a particular purpose or deity. For example, there are omamori for success in exams, safe travels, good health, love, business prosperity, and more. People often buy omamori during the New Year or when they visit a particular shrine or temple seeking blessings for a specific need or goal.

It's important to note that omamori are considered sacred objects and should be treated with respect. They are not meant to be opened or washed. They are usually replaced after a year or two, and the old ones are returned to the shrines or temples for proper disposal.

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