Persona 5: Overview and Gameplay Tips

Persona 5: Overview and Gameplay Tips

If you're a fan of JRPGs, chances are you've heard of or played Persona 5. The game has taken the world by storm, but why exactly is it so popular?

The appeal goes far beyond stylish graphics or intricate gameplay. We'll dive deep into the story, characters, gameplay mechanics, and even its cultural impact to understand what makes Persona 5 a must-play title for any fan of the genre.


Why is Persona 5 So Popular?

The popularity of Persona 5 extends far beyond its intricate gameplay mechanics or eye-catching graphics.

Here are some key reasons why Persona 5 has garnered such a broad, devoted following:


Engaging Storyline

The narrative in Persona 5 is both compelling and thought-provoking.

The story revolves around a group of teenagers who venture into a metaphysical realm to confront villains whose distorted desires have harmful real-world implications.

This makes the game not just entertaining, but also deeply engaging on an emotional level.


Multi-Layered Characters

Persona 5 offers a roster of characters with depth and relatability.

Each character has a backstory and set of issues that players can explore.

The game allows you to interact with these characters, build relationships, and even impact their development, which creates a meaningful connection between players and the game characters.


Real-World Relatability

Many of the game's themes resonate with real-world issues, such as societal pressure, justice, and corruption.

This makes the story relatable and keeps players invested in resolving the game's complex moral dilemmas.


Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Beyond its narrative, Persona 5 also distinguishes itself with unique gameplay mechanics.

Balancing daily life activities with dungeon exploration provides a unique mix of "slice-of-life" elements and action-packed sequences.

This keeps the gameplay fresh and diverse, appealing to a wide array of gamers.


Aesthetic Appeal

Persona 5 stands out visually with its stylish UI, character designs, and environments.

The game embraces a unique art style that draws heavily from comic book aesthetics, making it a feast for the eyes.


Cultural Significance

The game's Japanese origin adds an additional layer of interest, especially for those intrigued by Japanese culture.

From the settings to the mythology, Persona 5 provides a nuanced glimpse into various aspects of Japanese life.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Persona 5?

The length of time it takes to complete Persona 5 can vary depending on your playstyle and how much of the game's content you wish to explore.

Here's a general breakdown:


Main Story Only

If you focus solely on the main storyline, you can expect to spend around 80-100 hours.

This timeframe assumes that you are progressing through the game at a moderate pace without diving into many of the optional side activities.


Including Side Quests and Activities

If you decide to take on side quests, build relationships (known as "Confidants" in the game), and participate in other optional activities, the game can easily stretch to 120 hours or more.



For those who aim to achieve 100% completion, including unlocking all trophies, maxing out all Confidants, and exploring every nook and cranny of the game, you're looking at 150 hours or possibly even more.


How long it takes to complete Persona 5 Royal?

It's worth mentioning that Persona 5 Royal, the enhanced version of the original game, adds new content, including an additional story arc.

Completing everything in Persona 5 Royal can take upwards of 130 hours for the main story and additional content, and well over 170 hours for completionists.

How Many Palaces Are There in Persona 5?

How Many Palaces Are There in Persona 5?

In Persona 5, there are a total of 8 main Palaces that players need to navigate and complete.

Each Palace is a unique, distorted reality that represents the innermost desires and fears of a specific individual.

Here is the list of the main Palaces:

  • Kamoshida's Palace
  • Madarame's Palace
  • Kaneshiro's Palace
  • Futaba's Palace
  • Okumura's Palace
  • Niijima's Palace
  • Shido's Palace
  • Mementos Depths (also considered the final Palace)

Persona 5 Royal

In Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced version of the original game, there is an additional, new Palace, bringing the total to 9:

  • Maruki's Palace

What Do Palaces Add to the Persona 5 Experience?

Each Palace in Persona 5 offers a unique set of challenges, puzzles, and enemies, providing a rich, varied gameplay experience.

These Palaces are more than just dungeons to explore; they're integral to the game's storyline and themes, making them essential to the overall experience.

Navigating through these Palaces involves a combination of stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving.

This diversity in gameplay makes each Palace a mini-adventure of its own, adding to the game's already substantial length and complexity.

Which Famous Ukiyo-e Artist Appears in Persona 5?

The famous Ukiyo-e artist featured in Persona 5 is none other than Katsushika Hokusai.

Hokusai is perhaps best known for his iconic woodblock print series "Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji," which includes the famous print "The Great Wave off Kanagawa."


Role in Persona 5

In Persona 5, Hokusai is referenced in the form of one of the Personas that can be used by the protagonist.

This Persona is known as "Goemon," which is based on Ishikawa Goemon, a legendary Japanese outlaw.

The artwork for Goemon in Persona 5 is stylistically influenced by Ukiyo-e, serving as a nod to Hokusai's significant impact on the art form.


Why is the Inclusion of Ukiyo-e Important in Persona 5?

The inclusion of elements like Ukiyo-e, or Hokusai's influence, adds a layer of cultural depth to Persona 5.

It not only educates players about traditional Japanese art but also enriches the game's aesthetic and thematic complexity.

Such elements make the game appealing not just as entertainment but also as a cultural experience.

How Can You Increase Kindness in Persona 5?

How Can You Increase Kindness in Persona 5?

Increasing your character's Kindness stat in Persona 5 is essential for building relationships and unlocking specific dialogue options.

Here are some effective ways to boost Kindness:


Spend Time at the Flower Shop

Working at the Flower Shop in Shibuya allows you to earn money while boosting your Kindness.

You'll get more Kindness points if you make the right flower arrangements.


Read Books on Kindness

Throughout the game, you can find or purchase books that focus on improving Kindness.

Reading these books at various locations like the library, café, or even on the train can elevate your Kindness levels.


Take Care of the Plant

In your room, you'll find a plant that you can take care of by purchasing plant nutrients from the Flower Shop or the Underground Mall.

Fertilizing your plant offers a substantial Kindness boost.


Watch Movies or DVDs

Certain movies and DVDs can improve your Kindness stat.

These are available at the rental shop in Shibuya or at movie theaters throughout the game world.


Spend Time with Confidants

Spending time with certain Confidants, like Sojiro Sakura or Ann Takamaki, can provide opportunities to increase Kindness.

The interactions may offer choices that can boost your Kindness if you select the correct responses.


Eat the Nostalgic Steak

If you visit the Diner in Shibuya during rainy days and order the Nostalgic Steak, you'll gain some Kindness points along with other stat boosts.


Play Video Games

Some video games within Persona 5 can help increase your Kindness level. Make sure to play them when you have some free time.

How Do You Use Skill Cards in Persona 5?

How Do You Use Skill Cards in Persona 5?

Skill Cards in Persona 5 are special items that allow you to teach a specific skill to a Persona.

These cards can be incredibly useful for customizing your Personas' abilities. Here's how to use them:


Acquiring Skill Cards

First, you need to acquire Skill Cards. These can be obtained through various means such as:


  • Battling and negotiating with Shadows
  • Completing certain Confidant ranks
  • Finding them in treasure chests within Palaces or Mementos

Using Skill Cards

  1. Open the Menu: Press the Triangle button to open the main menu.
  2. Navigate to Item: Go to the 'Item' section in the menu.
  3. Select Skill Cards: Scroll down until you find the 'Skill Cards' category.
  4. Choose a Card: Browse through your Skill Cards and select the one you want to use.
  5. Select a Persona: You will be shown a list of your currently-held Personas. Choose the one to which you want to add the skill.
  6. Confirm: A prompt will appear asking if you're sure you want to use the Skill Card. Confirm to teach the skill to your chosen Persona.

Important Notes

  • Skill Cards are single-use items, meaning once you use them, they're gone.
  • Some skills might not be compatible with certain Personas.
  • In Persona 5 Royal, you can also duplicate Skill Cards by progressing through Yusuke's Confidant path.

How Can You Fast Travel in Persona 5?

Fast travel in Persona 5 is a convenient feature that allows you to quickly move between different locations without having to manually traverse the game world.

Here's how to do it:

Accessing the Map

  1. Press R1: While exploring the game world, press the R1 button on your controller to bring up the fast travel map.
  2. Select Location: Use the directional keys or the left analog stick to navigate through the list of available locations. These could be districts within Tokyo, specific shops, or areas within Palaces and Mementos.
  3. Confirm Your Choice: Once you've highlighted the location you want to travel to, press the X button to confirm.
  4. Arrive: You'll be instantly transported to the selected location.

Fast Travel in Palaces and Mementos

In Palaces and Mementos, fast travel works a little differently:

  • Palaces: You can fast travel between Safe Rooms that you've previously discovered.
  • Mementos: You can fast travel to different levels or zones that you've already accessed.


While fast travel is very handy, there are certain situations where it's not available:

  • During specific story events or missions where you're required to explore manually.
  • When you're in a Palace and haven't yet discovered a Safe Room.

Fast travel is a vital feature that helps you manage your time and resources more efficiently, making your journey through the game a bit smoother.

Where Can You Sell Items in Persona 5?

In Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, selling items can be a great way to make some extra Yen, which you can use to buy weapons, healing items, or other useful things. The primary place where you can sell your items is:

Untouchable Airsoft Shop

  1. Location: The shop is located in Shibuya, the Central Street area.
  2. How to Access: Simply walk into the shop during the daytime and talk to the shopkeeper, Munehisa Iwai.
  3. Selling Items: Once you're inside, choose the "Sell" option. You'll be presented with a list of items that you can sell.
  4. Confirm the Sale: After selecting the items you want to sell, confirm to exchange them for Yen.

What Types of Items Can You Sell?

You can sell various types of items at the shop:

  • Treasure Items: These are items like jewels or antiques that have no use other than to be sold for money.
  • Unused Equipment: Old weapons, armor, or accessories that you no longer need can also be sold.

Are There Other Places to Sell Items?

While Untouchable is the main shop where you can sell items, there are a few other places where you can exchange items for goods or services, although not directly for Yen. For example:

  • Kichijoji: In Persona 5 Royal, Kichijoji offers a variety of shops where you can trade items.

Remember to be mindful of what you're selling, especially if you haven't checked if the items might be useful for Confidant gifts or other purposes.


How to Optimize Selling Items?

  • Timing: Consider selling your items when you need a cash influx for upcoming expenditures like buying new gear or taking part in activities that require money.
  • Bulk Selling: Collect a reasonable number of items before you go to sell. This way, you can make a substantial amount of money in one go.

Now you know where to sell items in Persona 5, making it easier for you to manage your in-game resources.

Conclusion: What Makes Persona 5 Unforgettable

From its compelling storyline and relatable characters to its unique gameplay mechanics, Persona 5 is more than just another JRPG; it's a cultural phenomenon.

The game encapsulates themes that resonate with real-world issues, adding a layer of relatability to its fantastical elements.

Its Japanese origin also provides a unique lens through which to experience a broad range of cultural nuances, enriching the gameplay even further.

If you haven't already dived into the world of Persona 5, you're missing out on one of the most memorable gaming experiences of this generation.

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